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Catalyst Comparison 3.0 - 4.6 - Introduction
Some hours after the release of DirectX 9.0 by Microsoft on the 22nd of december ATi released their brand new DirectX 9.0 Catalyst 3.0 drivers. In this article I want to see what happened since that day. Did the drivers solve problems, improve the performance,...

I used the following benchmarks:

DirectX3D Mark 20033.30
Comanche 4 Demo1.0.1.18
Unreal Tournament 20042206
Far Cry1.1
Aquamark 3.0v3.0 ret Sep 12 2003 13:09:02 final
X2 Rolling Demo0.8.0.0
Splinter Cell1.2b
Tomb Raider:Angel of Darkness0.49

OpenGLReturn to Castle Wolfenstein1.41
Enemy Territory1.02
Call of Duty1.1
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter1.07

All the benchmarks were done in 3 different modes:

AntiAliasing (AA)Anisotropic Filter (AF)
off (1x)off (1x)